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Zynga Brief Introduction: History, Founder, and other related information

Zynga is a social gaming company headquartered in San Francisco, USA. Most of the games developed by Zynga are web games and are distributed on Facebook and MySpace social networking sites. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, USA.
Zynga was founded in June 2007 by Mark Pincus, Michael Luxton, Eric Schiermeyer, Justin Waldron, Andrew Trader and Steve Schoettler, who received $29 million in 2008 from several companies at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Venture capital, and appointed Bing Gordon, the creative director of the former American EA, to join the board of directors. At the same time, they bought a large virtual social network game called YoVille. According to its website, in December 2009, they had 60 million users online every day.


With the booming social networking facebook and myspace, social games are also experiencing a period of golden growth. Zynga has six of the top ten Facebook games, including farmville's 83 million active users, cafe world's 31 million active users, texas holdem's 27 million active users, mafia wars' 25 million active users, and fishville's 24 million active users.
Behind Zynga's powerful data analysis theory is a complex data analysis infrastructure. In fact, since 2007, Zynga has used hundreds of millions of dollars raised to recruit engineers and purchase servers. Cadir B. Lee, who joined Zynga as CTO in the fall of 2008, was commissioned to build the largest data warehouse in the gaming industry. Currently, the data warehouse handles 15TB of game data per day.
"Zynga's development technology architecture is built for data analysis, and the development mechanism also fully considers the problem of data processing." Tian Xingzhi said that the Zynga data warehouse is developed based on SQL, which can store a large amount of information and is fast. Extraction has been gradually established in the past two or three years.
It is understood that Zynga's data mining and analysis department is mainly composed of former employees of Oracle. Each field has about 30,000 reports, including how to acquire users, how to retain users and how to guide users to pay. Therefore, in terms of product architecture, its data warehouse is based on SQL. Unlike ordinary line data warehouses, Zynga has customized VERDICT column data warehouse for game development.
"We often need to extract a variety of table data, columnar data warehouse can make Zynga quickly do some table consolidation, on this architecture, data extraction speed is 4-10 times faster than Hadoop, which is decisive. ”
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