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Zynga: After the success of Japan and South Korea, the next step is the Chinese market

In the second quarter of fiscal 2020, social game maker Zynga's mobile gaming revenue hit a single-quarter high, "Words with Friends," "Empires & Puzzles" and "Merge Dragons!" The company's flagship mobile game works.
Currently, more than half of Zynga's revenue comes from the US market, but in the Q2 earnings conference call, CEO Frank Gibeiro and CFO Gerald Griffin presented their strategy for entering the Asian market.
Not long ago, Zynga launched "Imperial and Puzzle" for the Japanese and Korean markets and achieved initial success. Gibbi said that the company will increase its marketing expenditure in the Japanese and Korean markets in the next few quarters. Gybir said that Zynga will focus on the markets where companies can release their own games and are considering China - due to regulatory challenges, Zynga will do more to open up the situation in the Chinese market.
After the earnings conference, Zynga Chief Operating Officer Matt Bromberg accepted an interview with foreign media to further explain how Zynga plans to enter the Chinese market.
“We have begun to consider launching “Imperial and Puzzles” for the Chinese market. Over time, we will develop mobile games of “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” in the future, and they may also land in China. "With this world-renowned IPs, we hope to resonate with Asian players and help us expand our player base in Asia," Lomborg said.
“We are working hard to adopt a methodical approach to ensure that the right games are launched in Asia, that the right people are deployed and that a sound marketing strategy is in place. If we do it in these areas, it would be great, but China is a complex Market, we are still in the learning stage."
Bloomberg also mentioned that Zynga will consider deploying a new platform and recently launched Tiny Royale for Snap Games. Zynga was one of the first companies to develop games for Snap's platform. Although Bloomberg did not disclose any specific market data, he said that "Tny Royale" "(user) growth is really good", Zynga will continue to invest.
“We found that in Asia, social and chat software-driven games are growing rapidly, so I have confidence in this model. As a company with a social gaming tradition, as long as there is another large new game platform based on chat on the market, we are going there."