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WoW Classic Best Place and Ways to Farm Black Lotus: WOW Vanilla Black Lotus Locations

The Black Lotus is by far the rarest herb in World of Warcraft Classic, which is why it is in such high demand. Of course, you can get Black Lotus with gold, if you need gold, if you are lacking of wow classic money, the best place to buy WOW Classic Gold is Z2U.com, cheap, safe, fast delivery! Except for purchasing, you can farm Black Lotus in vanilla. Let's see in details.
Why Black Lotus cost more than other reagents?
Flasks. It is not a secret, vanilla WoW is very tough to players and if you want to progress in high end content you have to use flasks: titans for mele dps and wisdom for casters. Altough Molten Core is easy enough, Temple of Ahn’Qiraj for 40 people and Naxxramas gonna drain consumables so fast, that you won’t have time to gather your stocks for the next raid. If you have duties outside Azeroth. So, if you have to go job you can’t spend time trying out your luck. Alternatively, you can buy black lotuses from Auction house. According our experience, lotus prices ranges from 40 to 80 gold we spent last 4 years on private vanilla servers with x1 rate (Nostlarius, Elysium, Light’s Hope projects). Black Lotus price depends on phase of content. When new raid released, the prices raises. So one of tips to getting rich, buy lotuses in the middle of phase and sell later. Don’t be afraid to buy lotus for low prices, it always sells extremely fast.
Where to Farm Black Lotus
Farming Black Lotus in Silithus
The best place to farm Black Lotus is in Silithus, or at least the first place to farm it. There are exactly 10 locations where this can spawn so check each of the ten locations 1 by 1 until you find one. When you find out write down the time and head to the next zone.

Farming Black Lotus in Silithus

Burning Steppes Black Lotus locations

Burning Steppes Black Lotus locations

The competition is not quite as high on this route, as on the previous two. In general, the Burning Steppes is a very underrated zone. It has high level ores and herbs for farmers and there are usually not many people here, since it doesn’t have a lot of quests.
Except for these two best places, Black lotus can also appear in the two classic endgame zones: Winterspring and Eastern Plaguelands. Each of the four zones has around 10 spawn points, and only one black lotus can be active in each of the zones at the same time.
You do not need to find answers of:"Where can I farm Black Lotus? How do you get black Lotus in vanilla?" now! You can find Black Lotus locations through our guide! Good Luck!