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Three Types of Accounts for Zynga Poker

There are three types of accounts for Zynga Poker, let’s take a look.
1.Facebook Account is a permanent account that uses your Facebook information (https://www.facebook.com/) when you play the game. This is the account most used by players. Facebook Account: Unlike many poker gaming sites, poker lovers can use their Facebook accounts for Zynga Poker Account. This type of account, used by many of the Zynga Poker players, is both easy to access and much quicker because no new account has been opened. As you know, Facebook is the most widely used social network in the world and in our country, and Zynga Poker's account type is really attractive for all poker lovers.
2.The Zynga account is also a permanent account that will use your ZDC (Zynga) account (http://zyngagames.com/) when you play the game. Mobile gamers and players who do not want to use a Facebook account but want to access all features that are not accessible to the guest account typically use this type of account.
3. Guest Accounts You can view the overview or perform the Zynga Poker mobile game “Practice Competition” with limited access. There can be at most 10 billion chips in the wallet of the guest account, and the excess chips will be removed from the wallet. This type of account can only be created using a mobile device. In addition, once the guest account is uninstalled, a new guest account will be created and you will not be able to retrieve the previous guest account. Also, the guest account is a dedicated account for each mobile device, which means you can't log in to that account on other devices, especially from Android devices to Apple devices or vice versa.
If you haven’t created a account yet, you can try these one of them.