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Ragnarok Online 2 Zeny Guide: How to farm a Lot of Zeny in Ragnarok Online 2

Some people think that Ragnarok Online follows the "pay for victory" rule, but this is absolutely incorrect in most cases. In fact, Ragnarok is completely a "play to win" game. You only need to be equipped with the correct knowledge and information. In addition, if there are no robots on your server, it will be a plus point. As we all know, robots are deceivers and destroy the economy of the game.


If you are determined to learn how to make many attempts in this game, then this guide will help you! To be honest, there are many ways to make a game rich. I have provided some useful guidance to help you achieve your goal of becoming an affluent player. Now, all you have to do is work hard and plan carefully.
A guide for newbies to earn Zenny in Ragnarok Online 2
Learn to trade
  • After you are familiar with the class and the server, please take some time to observe the market. Visit the vending port to check what other players are buying or selling, and record the price range.
  • You can also check the "Market" section in the forum
  • Sometimes pay attention to the main chat, and sometimes people will make buy/sell offers from time to time.
  • Make sure you become a merchant category, considering the 100 times Exp/Job rate in Limit RO, it is difficult for them to reach the level. If it’s not your merchant, it’s really helpful to get at least 10 levels of discounts and overcharges.
Transfer funds
Limit RO has a banker and a coin shop NPC. The banker allows you to deposit or withdraw your Zeny, but you will be charged a 500z fee for each transaction, and you can only transfer 999,999 zeny per transaction, which is not efficient . The Coin Shop converts your change into Limit Coins. There are three types of coins.
  • A copper coin worth one million sini,
  • Ten million silver coins, and
  • One hundred million gold coins.
Once you convert your money into coins, if you want to buy some very expensive items, you can easily trade with other players. Double-click the coin to restore it to Zeny.
What to farm to increase Zeny income?
Some items are worth more than you can imagine, so please think twice before selling them to NPCs. You may find a player who is willing to pay a higher price.
  • Stems, spores, herbs (any color), alcohol, pepper fruit, Karvodailnirol and Detrimindexta. These items are usually used by players who make dyes or potions. Although it is somewhat related, I still have to try to collect a lot of fabrics and witch star sand, but alchemists still like them to make fire bottles and slim white potions.
  • Rough Oridecon and Rough Elunium. Never ignore these... Collect 5 to get pure Oridecon / Elunium. It is worth keeping for personal use or sale. Because you always need some weapon/armor upgrades. Phracons and Emveretarcons are also worth keeping.
  • Mix cooking ingredients. These are the ingredients to make those +20 Stat foods. If you plan to cook your own meals and sell them, or keep them for personal use, or look for players to buy them. Sometimes food ingredients of grade 5 to 10 are needed, so if you want to keep some ingredients, please consider it yourself.
  • Light particles and old branches. Active rune knights love them. You may want to check this list to learn about other rune mastery ingredients.
  • Red, yellow, blue gems. Yes, all these gems are useful. If you plan to make courses based on Acolyte, the blue ones are reserved. Yellow gems are very popular among people who like to make Abracadabra. Red gems for assassins, wizards and even rune knights.
  • Honey, royal jelly and mastra fruits. The popular repair agent used in WoE is as simple as that. Anodyne and Alovera are other items commonly used in WoE/PvP.
  • Task-related items, such as damaged spells, time crystals, broken magic stones and Mora coins (for more details, please refer to the advanced skills section below).
This guide may miss more techniques, but what is certain is that if you can read the entire topic, you can ensure that you are eager to conduct your own research independently. If you want to get more Zeny fast, you can Buy Cheap Ragnarok Online 2 Zeny in Z2u.com. Good luck and have a great adventure!