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How we transfer Zynga Chips to you?

Because of the limitation of the zynga game, all the rooms are random now, so it is a  little hard for us to transfer chips face to face at the table.Thus,there are 2 ways we can transfer chips to your accounts safely:
1. The much easier way: cause we only have chips for facebook logining, you can give us your facebook details, and then we will login in and transfer chips for you guys. (if you are not willing to do it, please choose way2 below). But please do not worry any more,we just login in to transfer chips only, and all the time we need for delivery is only within 5-10min, after that, you guys can login in ur facebook to chnange your password for safety. Besides, please take it easy, we make sure the 100% safety of your facebook account and you please have to change the password and then no worries.If you still doubt about the safey,you can use the way below.
2. We can meet in the same table and transfer chips face to face, but there is some condition. Cause the limitation of Zynga,it is much easier to find empty room in bigger stake rooms like 500K-1M,1M-2M,2M-4M, etc.If so your chips in hand should be more than 10M in hand or more. Otherwise,if you do not have that much chips in hand,we can meet in the same room as well with the plug-in : Zbot! and we use Zbot to find empty rooms as well. (Zbot is not for free, you have to buy it if you do not have. like 20USD per month).
How we transfer zynga chips to you