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How To Prevent the Zynga Poker Chips From The Hacks

Recently, many players reflect that there are many hacks in the Zynga Poker Chips. And I encountered the same problem. So I try my best to learn the following useful tips to solve this problem.
On the one hand, to prevent the Zynga Poker Chips from Hacks, you shouldn’t give out  your password. This seems like common sense but you would be surprised at how many people lose their chips because they gave their passwords to a friend or family member or girlfriend/boyfriend. Are you 100% sure that you wont ever get in a fight with this person in the future and to get back at you they won’t log into your account and empty every last Facebook poker chip? Or maybe one day they ask you for some free chips as a loan and you turn them down, and so they decide they’re going to log into your account and help themselves. Just make it a habit to never give out your log-in information to anyone, his way if something ever does happen and your account is hacked into, you won’t have to suspect any of your friends or family of doing it and cause any hard feelings.
On the other hand,you should be alert to the phishing scams.  One common technique that hackers use to steal Zynga Poke Chips is to send a player an email or message claiming to be from Facebook security, the game creators or another "official". These emails will typically make up a fake security issue or claim that the player has violated the TOS and will ask the player to hit a link and provide their email address and password. Once the hacker has your information, your chips are as good as gone. Real Facebook officials will never contact you through a message and will definitely never ask for your sensitive information. You should report these messages or emails immediately so that more people don't get taken in.
In brief,to prevent the Zynga Poker Chips from Hacks,you should not only be alert to the outside cheat but also be care about your own behavior.