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How to Get A Lucky Friend In Pokemon Go: Lucky Pokemon Best Full Trading Guide For Beginner

Lucky Pokemon is a special Pokemon that can only be obtained in Pokemon GO through trading. These Pokemon have good performance guarantees, with at least twelve (our fifteen) points in attack, defense and HP. In addition to the sparkling gold effect behind, LuckyPokemon also has a significantly discounted start-up fee. This guide will break down how to get lucky in Pokemon GO, and when and how to use lucky trading.


Trading Guide For Beginner Pokemon Trainer; How to get lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO:
The most common way to get lucky Pokemon is to trade repeatedly with friends. The trainer is allowed to make 100 trades per day, and the mechanism currently allows two players to easily exchange and catch the ball back and forth. Randomly, after a transaction is completed, Pokemon may become lucky, and this will happen to both players.
If certain requirements are met, old Pokemon captured in July or August 2016 can now guarantee luck. The two trainers participating in the guaranteed lucky deal must not complete ten of them. These do not have to be exact exchanges. Trainers can replace their 2016 Beedrill with 2020 Kyurem, and both will become lucky.
What is a lucky Pokemon?
Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go looks no different from normal people. However, when you view their backgrounds in the storage box, their backgrounds are shiny and different in color. But what makes these lucky Pokemons unique? Niantic confirmed that these Pokemon require less stardust to start, just as fans predicted after data miners discovered this feature in the updated code. The trainer who hopes to maximize combat effectiveness will see that Lucky Pokemon can reach its destination faster and more efficiently. Niantic did not confirm how much stardust will be needed, but the images of "Lucky Baby" released by Niantic indicate that it will be reduced by 50%.
How to get lucky Pokémon?
Trading Pokemon
Currently, trading Pokemon is the best way to get lucky versions of specific creatures. All Pokemon transactions are likely to make both Pokemon lucky, but Pokemon with older transactions have more chances to make them lucky. However, those who have played the game since the release of "Pokemon Go" (July 2016) have a better chance of getting lucky Pokémon. This is because there are likely to be more older Pokémon available for use.
The exact percentage of lucky Pokémon is still unknown, so it is best to trade Pokémon that has been held for many years. Presumably, when trading two Pokemon, the game will use the average age of the two creatures and give the coach a certain percentage based on this.
In order to guarantee the trading of Lucky Pokémon, it is usually best to ensure that the trading Pokémon is captured between July 2016 or August 2016. A trainer also needs to purchase less than 10 lucky Pokémon to guarantee the result.
Lucky friend
Friendship is also an important part of making yourself a lucky Pokémon.
In April 2019, Niantic launched the Pokemon Go Lucky Friends function. First, you need to add each other as "best friends" in order to have a chance to become "lucky friends". When you perform any of the following actions, the chance to become a lucky friend only happens once a day:
1.         Open gifts to each other
2.         Participate in raid battles or gym battles
3.         Challenge each other in the battle of trainers
If you eventually become a "lucky friend", you will receive a notification telling you your new identity. This also means that your next Pokemon transaction will definitely produce lucky Pokemon. The chance of this happening is small, but it can help you find super-powerful pocket monsters. The IV of Lucky Pokémon is guaranteed to be 12/12/12, so you can try the above methods as much as possible. This is the guide for Beginner Lucky Pokemon Guide, if you need to buy cheap Pokemon Go Pokecoins, we Z2u.com is also here for help.