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How does Zynga become a success?

Zynga cooperate with Tencent
Zynga is close to the IPO, and for investors, Zynga's over-reliance on Facebook is undoubtedly a big risk. Now, in the Chinese market, Tencent can avoid concentrating eggs in one basket. But in fact, Tencent, Facebook, and Zynga have long been associated. In April last year, Tencent invested $300 million in Russian Internet Company Digital Sky Technologies, which also owns US social networking site Facebook and game company Zynga's stock.
Tian Xingzhi said that the biggest consideration for cooperation with Tencent is the number of users of Tencent. In addition, many users of Tencent are also their target users. "Any US company has just entered China, and the first step must be stable. We don't take the first step to take risks, but we must make the first product 100% successful."
Acquisition of November Software
In the early spring, Zynga had plans to acquire November Software to build its core game Battlestone. The company has now clearly stated the details of the acquisition, Zynga founder Swistun Szymon said in a blog post that the formation of the November team will be controlled by the use of our technology in games such as Star Wars: Forces Liberation 1 and 2 to control game movement Experience. The Zynga team said that we realized that we could accelerate the game development by combining our team's expertise to build large-scale control platform games and Zynga's power to build large-scale social games.
For some specific details, Swistun Szymon is not willing to reveal too much, just that the team will be dedicated to the "mafia war game" called "Battlestone".