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Best weapon tier list in GTA 5, Get the most out of your loadout with Guns worth buying in Grand Theft Auto 5

When finding the final weapon, many different factors must be considered. Weapons are extremely important throughout the game, not only for online domination, but also for completing missions throughout the main campaign mode. Throughout the game, different types of weapons must be used to complete the task, and knowing in advance what is the best weapon will definitely be useful.


If you only use the weapons in this list, it will be easier to use this modern classic weapon. In this list, weapons found in the original version of GTA V have priority over online proprietary weapons. Mainly because everyone who owns the game can use the original weapons. However, there are some good weapons available online, so much so that they are required to have a place on this list.
Best Gun To Buy In GTA 5
Find a local Ammu-Nation and you will find a variety of weapons to choose from, but since you can only carry a few weapons, you need to make sure to choose wisely. Different weapons are unlocked at different levels, so if you want to get some new higher-level guns, please also check our guide to learn how to quickly upgrade in GTA Online. If you want to improve your load or start a good start by buying the best Grand Theft Auto online weapons right away, we will provide you with these instructions.
This is the load I usually use. I will replace the MG with the 80-level combat MG, the 90-level heavy sniper rifle with 120, and the Minigun's grenade launcher with 120, but now there is almost no change for me.
Check out our complete list of GTA Online ranking unlocks to find out when these guns can be purchased and equipped, and make sure to bookmark our GTA 5 and GTA Online complete guides for more information and Suggest.
Best Gun In GTA 5 Recommend:
1.         Pistol: AP pistol
2.         Machine gun: MG (change to combat MG at level 80)
3.         Assault Rifle: Special Carbine
4.         Sniper rifle: sniper rifle (switch to heavy sniper at level 90)
5.         Melee: Axe
6.         Shotgun: Assault Shotgun (Switch to Bullpup Shotgun very close)
7.         Heavy weapons: grenade launcher (switch to the 120-level mini gun)
8.         Throw: grenade
Tips for using these guns:
l  AP pistol and Micro SMG are the only fully automatic weapons that can be fired from a car.
l  Keep the Micro SMG in the machine gun slot until you hit 50 and unlock the MG. Other SMGs are essentially useless.
l  The special carbine and the Bullpup rifle have exactly the same properties and are the best weapons in their class.
l  Buy Huntsman rifles and shoot at mid-range in densely built areas. Think about Kennedy. Use the sniper rifle (and its zoom range) for a longer range.
l  The choice of melee weapon is not important. do what you want.
l  You can turn away from the assault shot gun only when you are in a nervous situation or feel particularly fashionable.
l  The mini gun is ridiculously OP. If your number reaches 120 and you have played hundreds of hours, then you should be worth it. Until then, please stick to the grenade launcher.
l  Keep grenades can be used as general explosive equipment, but please make sure to correctly understand the role of other throwing weapons.
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