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The Most Important Thing Though Underestimated in Summoners War is To Farm Glory Points

When you get started in Summoners War, you begin fighting in the Arena on day one. For every loss against another real player, you earn 1 Glory Point, and for every victory against a real player you earn anywhere from 2, 3 or more Glory Points. But the most important benefit come from Sky Tribe Totem, much expensive, because it allow us to increase the monster's speed in the battle in passive mode.


Summoners War: Sky Arena resembles quite a lot to games like Brave Frontier, having a limited amount of energy and quite similar in-game actions, like PvE Dungeons, Arena battles, equipment, fusions, etc. In later stages of the game you should switch to a solid arena defense in order to climb the ranks: by doing so you will be able to collect good rewards at the end of the week. An amount of crystals will be sent to your gift rewards at the end of the arena week, set at 11 pm on Sundays. In the battles the victory will depend on the type of monster you choose, since they will have different abilities during a fight, which will allow you to do more damage to your opponent or, on the contrary, your attacks will not be as effective.


Started in Summoners War


If you're not yet level 40 level cap, it will be harder for you to compete in arena against players with more resources and time. What you can do, however, is to secure yourself at least Challenger rank 900+ rating. This is easy enough to reach and maintain even for new players since you'll start with 1000 rating. You should realistically be able to reach a minimum of 200 Glory Points a week at the very beginning, and could easily reach 600 or more in a few months as you level up and Awaken Rune some natural four star quality monsters for your team.


What we can say is that their games were designed by humans, their servers are managed by human and as we all know humans make mistakes. To farm better a lot of GP you should follow some simple steps:


1. Place low defense in arena

2. It isn't important the weekly bonus in crystals, because the crystals don't buy building and devilmoon, but the GP can, and can buy Mystical Scrolls too at 240GP.

3. Counterattack every time u will be attacked.


Secret dungeons do not give you account EXP. You might want to spend energy there if you are about to level up and have a lot of energy. Arena wings and scenarios give the most EXP for account levels. Secret Dungeons. If you liked this post and you would like to get even more information concerning SWSA Accounts kindly check out the web site. these dungeons can only be accessed by completing other dungeons first. What's great about these dungeons is that you can collect monster pieces to summon a unit if you finish all levels within that region.


Probably the most tempting items to purchase in the Glory Shop are the summoning scrolls. For 240 Glory Points you could purchase a Mystical Scroll once a week, giving you a guarantee of a three star monster summons. Consider runes to be armor, helmets and weapon equivalents in other RPGs. They can make a regular monster a lot more powerful and using them does require a bit of strategy and knowdledge.