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Path of Exile has received a new update

Like the exiles arriving in Wraeclast, Grinding Gear Games had to bring about order where there was none. The handful of established studios that existed in New Zealand at the time were not in contact with the five friends working out of Wilson’s garage. Potential hires would arrive in suits, and be walked past the embarrassed team’s laundry for their interviews. There was a budget, but it was tighter than the tighty-whities.
Back then Path of Exile fizzled out in the prison sequence of Act One. Now, several years of free expansions later, it’s one of the best value PC games around. That initial player vigil turned out to be the first act of worship for a fanbase that now plays the action-RPG in the hundreds of thousands. But Wilson and his team almost didn’t make it. Success nearly killed Path of Exile.
Of course, the highlight of the update is the introduction of a brand-new challenge league that comes with its own unique gameplay implementations. The Legion Challenge League introduces eerie, yet powerful monoliths to the game that spawn in random locations as players explore the game map. If you liked this post and you would like to get even more information concerning Cheap POE Currency kindly check out the web site. Touching these monoliths will reveal the ghosts of ancient armies, giving the players the opportunity to engage them in combat, free their tortured souls, and earn great rewards. One of these rewards is also new to the Legion Challenge League: splinters, shards of these mysterious monoliths that players can use later on to access the Domain of Timeless Conflict.
As with the start of every League, you will need to create a new character. Playing the game will occasionally reveal special monoliths found while playing the game. These spawn an army of frozen enemies from Wraeclast's past, and damaging these enemies will activate them, dropping unique rewards if defeated in a certain amount of time.
Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile has received its newest update and Challenge League “Legion” on PC. The League focuses on the eternally warring armies of Wraeclast and the player’s interaction with them via Monoliths. The expansion also brings new weapons, new items, a complete revamp of melee combat, and significant changes to the Slayer, Champion, Chieftain, and Berserker ascendancies.