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Path of Exile Will Finally be Arriving on PS4 Platforms

If you plan on trading for items, choosing an off-meta build is the way to go. Playing in a particularly Witch-heavy league? That just makes gearing up your Duelist much cheaper. By choosing a build few others are playing you are guaranteed to have access to all the key items at a significant discount, and can sell items you're not using at a premium. When you enter a memory fragment, the world immediately begins destabilizing, a fatal darkness that closes in around you as you race through the level. Surviving this impending darkness long enough to tag a sufficient number of "memory stabilizers" will grant a memory fragment, which can eventually be placed on the Memory Nexus. It's like collecting puzzle pieces that you can then assemble to make your own path through Cavas' memories. 


Alongside this new port, PoE will also be receiving its latest expansion, Synthesis, where you must help the mysterious Cavas recover their former memories, while engaging in combat with new enemies and bosses. ExileCon will bring the big announce-o-reveal of Path Of Exile's update 4.0.0 expansion, as well as of December's 3.9.0 smaller expansion. It'll also feature developer talks, the finals of a race tournament, playable demos of upcoming contents, hangouts, and that other con stuff. The announcement keynote and races will be livestreamed free for non-attendees too.


The new stuff in the Synthesis league happens mostly in parallel to the main story. Early on you'll meet a new character a ghost named Cavas who asks players to help recover his lost memories. This being Path Of Exile, you do this by killing things very quickly for loot. When you loved this post and you wish to receive more details with regards to Cheap PoE Boosting I implore you to visit the web-site. You'll encounter portals to little memory areas as you play, and rushing through them and activating the memory stabilisers will give you memory fragments, which are used to build your own dungeons. In Cavas's home in the void, there's an incomplete map of his memories to slot these fragments into. Some areas such as your start point and bosses are static, so you'll have to place fragments to bridge between them. By chaining to certain special tiles on the map, you can apply loot or enemy spawn multipliers to the entire custom dungeon, making it a potential gold-mine for treasure.

Fans can grind and level up until level 100. Other fans warn players reaching max level through the game's campaign is near impossible, unless they have a lot of free time so those who assume they will be able to do so will need to accept that they will need to do other things to reach level 100. After beating the campaign, players will be at a level 70. They can continue the game by playing? the game's mini-dungeons, which increase in difficulty at different tiers.


The latest Path of Exile expansion Synthesis will be launching on March 8 on PC and March 11 on Xbox. If you've been grinding in the free-to-play dungeon crawler and have been looking for something new to whet your grinding appetite. There's currently a counter on the main home page for the Path of Exile website, counting down to the PC launch of the game. If all goes according to plan, and the developers don't experience any unforeseen hiccups.