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Delivery in 10m-24h

Delivery in 10m-24h

Delivery in 10m-24h

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Items Price Quantity Buy
777Poker Chips 100 Million $ 18.00
777Poker Chips 200 Million $ 28.80
777Poker Chips 300 Million $ 38.80
777Poker Chips 500 Million $ 58.80
777Poker Chips 600 Million $ 68.80
777Poker Chips 800 Million $ 78.80
777Poker Chips 900 Million $ 88.80
777Poker Chips 1000 Million $ 98.00
777Poker Chips 2000 Million $ 188.00
777Poker Chips 3000 Million $ 278.00
777Poker Chips 4000 Million $ 368.00
777Poker Chips 5000 Million $ 458.00
777Poker Chips 6000 Million $ 548.00
777Poker Chips 7000 Million $ 638.00
777Poker Chips 8000 Million $ 728.00
777Poker Chips 9000 Million $ 818.00
777Poker Chips 10000 Million $ 900.00
777Poker Chips 20000 Million $ 1,780.00
777Poker Chips 50000 Million $ 4,400.00

777Poker Chips Easy Steps For Ordering:

1. Click On The Chip Package You Want To Buy.
2. Complete Our Quick & Secure Order Form.
3. Contact Us On 7/24 Live Support, Email Or MSN To Collect Your 777Poker Chips .

The Pokerist game show

Pokerist In the game

Long-term high-priced recycling the chips,and  looking for the stable  and professional suppliers,the price need negotiation  face to face .and the details please contact the online Customer service (Live Support)

customer service cellphone number: +086 42860091
中文客服电话:+086 15923398095

Recently, Because Of The Big Changes That Taken Place In The Pokerist Games Official , Which Lead To The Phenomenon Of Lacking Stock Throughout The World .
After Our Hard Efforts For About Half An Month , We Now Basically Have Solved The Delivering Problems Of The 777Poker Chips : The Buyer's Chips Amount Are Less Than 1.5 Billion ,
Now We Have Enough Stock Inventory Of 777Poker Chips , But With a Much Higher Cost Than Ever Before. Therefore , The Price Of 777Poker Chips Have Been Increased. Thanks For Everyone's Understanding.
If You Have Any Questions, Please Timely Contact Our 7/24 Online Support Or Contact Our  Email Box (.....)
Our 24 Hours Tele:
0086-13075412 376   
We Are Always Here Serving You ! 7 / 24 Hours Open !

How Can I Get 777Poker Chips After The Payment Completed?

777Poker Chips Trading Way 1:
①We Meet You Face To Face In Game : Adding You ( Or Adding Me )As Friends In The Game
②We ( Will Use 2 Or More Accounts )Inviting You Into An Empty Room ( No Player In The Room Or We Will Create An Private Room),
③After Dealing 1st Card , We Will: Raise (About 90% Chips That You Take Into Room : ),
④You Call-
⑤After Dealing 3 Cards , We Fold →You Will Win !
⑥Keep Repeating Like This: ③④⑤→Until Finish Your Order.

777Poker Chips Trading Way 2:
Please Give Us Your Account (+Password), We Will Transfer Chips For You .NOTE: This Way Can Only Work For Buyer's Account That Must Log On : Pokerist.Com Or Facebook.Com

Buy 777Poker Chips Kindly Reminder:

This Game Constitutes Of 3 Servers: Server1, Server2, Server3. Everybody Will Feel Very Strange , Because You Can Not Directly Find Out Any Servers In The Game Interface.
So You Need Pay Attention! The Game Constitutes Of 3 Servers: These 3 Servers Are Completely Separate. The Friends In Server1 And Server 2 Have Not Any Connection At All. The Friends In Servere2 And Server3 Can Only See Each Other And Chat, But Can Not Play On Same Table. 

Server1: At First When You Play,  You Are In The Server1 .

Server 2: If You Are Lucky , Have Won a Lot Of Chips And Made a Lot Friends Then.When 1 Of Your Friends Have No 777Poker Chips , And He Wants You To Give Him Chips. If You Give Him 777Poker Chips At Once , You Will Make The First Mistake ! ( In Server 1 , You Need Skills To Transfer 777Poker Chips To Others, NOT Fold Too Often .If You Are Lucky, The System Will Give You 1 Warning Letter, BUT If You Are Unlucky , The System Will Directly Drive You Into Server 2 .) When Someday You Suddenly Find Out No Friends Online , You Will Possibly Be In Server 2 !

The Difference Server 1 And Server 2: , In Server 1 ,There Are Many Players And More Full Functions For The Players . BUT Server 1 Price Are Higher Than Server 2 . But In 1 Word, In Server 1 Will Make You Feel Comfortable!

Server 3: It Is Always Unfortunately Spoke Of Driven Into Server2. The Most Unfortunate Thing Is  Losing So Many Lovely Sisters, Beautiful Brothers. When You In Server 2 And Still Do What You Like , Someday When You Can Only See ( Players On Tables Of 1 Million 777Poker Chips / 2 Million 777Poker Chips ) , I Will Sadly Tell You: You Have Fallen Into Server 3 ! (Our Webmaster Had An Experience Of Fallen From Server 1 Into Server 3 , Every Time When Saying This, He Was Just No Word, No Choice But Sorrow In His Deep Heart )

So Hereby , Everybody Should Remember :
①After Bought 777Poker Chips From Our Website , Don't Transfer Your 777Poker Chips To Your Friends 1-To-1 ! 
②If Your Friend Really Need 777Poker Chips , You Can Suggest Them To Come Buy 777Poker Chips From Our Website , We Will Use The Most Secure Trading Way And Guarantee Your Account's Safety!

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