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NBA Live, Durant 39 points, the warriors won the championship in fifth

Section I
Jump ball when the Cavaliers get the ball, the Warriors back home after the situation is good, Green, Thompson soared three-pointers to lead. Knight Luofu first section foul trouble, quickly swallowed 2 offenders, but knights several wave defense to bring continuous fast break, hit 10-0 reversal ratio.

After the suspension of the warriors can not stop the knight offensive, James situation is very frequent to take points, three-pointers also fired, to expand the lead, but the Warriors put on the Iguodala, and then rely on Kerry continue to cut points, the two sides finished before 7 Minute only 2 points gap.

Two teams in the restricted area is quite tough defense, James, Green are not cheap, Knight by Erwin's cut into the singles continue to get points, leading the Warriors.

Warriors hit the first section is not ideal, three-pointers after a few waves into the Knight singles eroded, Kerui three-pointers have not yet opened, but in the three-point line was foul, 3 penalty 2 to help the Warriors chase 1 points difference. The referee frequently whistle, Kerui won two free throws, the Warriors this advanced, but then the whistle also favored Erwin, 2 teams continue to bite each other But JR Smith in the end before the soared three-pointers, Knight made 37:33 lead.

Section II

James cut in front of Durant staged dunks boost morale, the Warriors by the alternate lineup and knight grab points, Weisite, Iguodala have jumped out, Iguodala also retreated Zhanhuang a Tomahawk dunk to the audience fans Climax, the ratio chase into 39:41 behind 2 points.

It is shouting after the suspension of Durant soared three-pointers boost morale, the end of the warriors in the doldrums outside the hit rate. Then Durant in front of James into the three-pointers, the Warriors again ahead.

Warriors second section of the excellent defense, only to the Cavaliers scored a goal in the basket, the Warriors rely on its mistakes frequently launched fast break, leading to 11 points.

Warriors in the second section to find the rhythm of the attack, Iguodala, Durant continued three heavy bombers Knight, Warriors lead quickly came to 15 points.

While the two sides in a scrambling when the outbreak of the conflict, Weiss, T Thompson in the basket choke trash, both sides almost broke out. Finally James, T Thompson, Weiss were blown technical foul.

Warriors continue to sprinkle the wound in the knight wounds, several waves of fast break and let the warriors scored points, hit 30-8 offensive, the leading range expanded to 20 points or more.

Half of the end of the former knight with a few three-pointers to narrow the gap, JR Smith is also the last 3 seconds soared into the big three, but still behind the Warriors 11 points.

Section III

The second half of the Warriors feel still hot, Thompson soared into two three-pointers, but James actively grab the restricted area, KI feel still hot, plus JR Smith soared into the first single four-pointers, knights gradually narrow the gap, behind only Digits.

Warriors shouted after the suspension of Iguodala, immediately dropped into three-pointers stable morale, still about 10 points ahead of the leading knight.

Erwin frequently singles will slow down the game, in the last 3 minutes James grabbed the rebound after helping T Thompson dunk, Knight chase 4 points difference, but Durant then soared three-pointers flooding The

After the suspension of Erwin 2 penalty and then take 2 points, but then Erwin exit to rest, the Warriors and even take 3 points, substitute rookie McCain played after the performance of active, even get 4 points to become the key to the team leader.

JR Smith re-fired, the last 20 seconds soared into the first five-thirds of the first three knights to finish 93:98 behind the Warriors.

Section IV

James quickly scored 2 points chase into 3 points difference, but the Warriors Durant immediately to color, then iugudora soared into the three-pointers, the Cavaliers were opened again.Lovers basket to take points, Durant hit another three-pointers, Green basket when the ball was foul, the Warriors and then take 2 points to expand the lead.

Knight suspended after James immediately assists Kefu soared three-pointers, but Iguodala, Durant succeeded in the basket dunk succeeded, the Warriors opened to 10 points difference, momentum High to the highest point.

The last three and a half minutes Thompson first hit a long distance 2-point ball, then JR Smith, although the soaring three-pointers, but the Warriors continue to maintain double-digit lead.

The last minute to read the second stage, the audience warrior fans unable to bear the mood cheers, Kerry and then soared into the icing on the cake of the three-pointers, the overall situation, the warriors eventually won the first year of the championship, the last 3.4 seconds James ahead The opponent congratulates the athlete.

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