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Arsenal's star players played NBA 2K18

The popular basketball simulation game played by famous sportsmen faced Arsenal's star footballers Rob Holding and Nacho Monreal in the quarterfinals of the NBA 2K18 Tournament. Rob Holding chooses Oklahoma City Thunder while Monreal chooses Denver Nuggets. The match started very quickly with Monreal's early joys of pride "This game is played like this!" However the three-point shot in the first quarter turned the game into Holdings. The event's host NBA legend Gary Payton said "Rob already said he won the game."

In the second quarter the Holding again regained control of the game and brought the score to 19-9. Some counterattacks from Oklahoma City led Oklahoma 34-20 ahead of a few important expeditions that Denver missed. The Holding's good game eventually allowed the match to score with a score of 39-20.

After the match the Holding and Monreal debated on January 11 2018 the 2018 NBA London Match between Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers in which Nike sponsored the sponsorship.

Monreal: "This is a special moment because we do not have the opportunity to watch NBA games live every day. I went to watch last year and the arena the crowd the match is perfect with everything. I think everybody with an opportunity really needs to go and enjoy the game. According to my opinion the Celtics will win - a much better team right now ".

"I think I will win the Celtics and I'm excited to see Kyrie Irving in London," he said in the words of Monreal. Everyone should go to the game and enjoy the game; It is a great opportunity to see the players closely and watch how they play live because there is not much chance of watching these games played abroad. "

Monreal then moved his thoughts to the Gasol brothers: "Many Spanish fans watch NBA for them. For our fans we are proud of them because they have been playing in NBA for so long and are performing perfectly in case of two idols. I hope Juancho and Will Hernangomez will perform similarly to what Pau & Marc Gasol did up to this time in the NBA so they could be the new Gasol brothers. "

Spanish footballer Monreal left Premier League saying who is LeBron James: "There are many players who are really good in the Premier League but I am Alexis Sanchez. I find the opportunity to practice every morning with him I know how strong he is. He is one of the best players in the Premier League so according to my opinion I can say Premier League's LeBron James Alexis Sanchez.

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